Hi everyone,

My name is Collin and I am a proud citizen of Singapore.

We had recently held our Parliamentary General Election (2011) and surprisingly, many people, especially the youth, who are generally apathetic to our political situation are roused. I hence started this blog to offer my views on Singapore’s current affairs and politics.

Unfortunately, our mainstream media tend to skewed towards the ruling party (People’s Action Party) and hence most people are generally biased against the opposition. Recently, we seen a spike of posts and comments in the social media supporting the opposition parties. However, equally unfortunate, most of these social media or other online blogs, websites tend to overly favour the oppositions and many oppose for the sake of opposing.

My opinion is that PAP’s policies are generally sound (if not we would not have the successes today) but has some flaws that needs to be improved. I believe most Singaporeans and the members of opposition parties are well aware of these flaws. But can the opposition members come out with credible alternatives?

Let’s find out!


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